Faster Than The Blink Of An Eye

Six weeks ago today I was sitting in a café with my son, drinking one of my famously strong cups of coffee and telling him just how much I would miss him while away in America. He graduated 9th grade this year and is all set to begin a new school in town. Back then, he had just completed the first two and a half weeks of his summer vacation and although he was a little sad I was leaving, he was so looking forward to the overseas trip with his grandparents. He went to Puerto Rico.

I left the café with a lump in my throat, walked him to the train station and said goodbye. He looked back just once, boarded and then disappeared. It was as is somebody had ripped my heart out and squeezed it dry with a fury that I was powerless to fight against. I went home all teary-eyed, continued to pack and went to bed.

 We stopped along side this historical railroad station in Independence, Iowa

And six weeks later, here I am. I have met so many wonderful people; have signed books, done newspaper and radio interviews. I have directed one of my plays, seen fifteen children develop my manuscript into their own unique creation. I have driven through Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee, been to Nashville, The Land Between The Lakes, Evansville, Marion, Terra Haute, Springfield, Peoria, Quad Cities, Dubuque, Clear Lake, Mankato…the list goes on.

I have so enjoyed my time here in America; have loved each and every moment here. The only thing I have missed about life back home; is my son…my light, my life…my Mick! In just two days I will be with him again and although my time over here has gone by faster than the blink of an eye, I have missed my son terribly.

I have America in my heart though, the wonders of this great nation, so many magical environments left for me to explore, so many more people for me to meet, so many more things for me to do. Next time I hope my son can be with me.

I will be on the other side of the pond when I write my next post.

God bless America




5 Responses

  1. Hesti Herbst

    I can feel how much you miss him! Soon you’ll see him again! <3
    … and you leave some people who'll miss you 🙁
    it's not easy to be apart…
    Anyway, Sweden say: welcome home, Gavin! 😉

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      It is difficult, Hesti…wish America and Europe were closer. Perhaps we should grab a big rope and pull:)

  2. Deb

    It was wonderful to see and get to spend some time with you during this visit, Gavin. I expect leaving is bittersweet. Have a safe trip . . . see you next time 🙂

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      I will make a point of seeing you next time, Deb:) It is a little bittersweet really…a rather odd feeling!

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