Education, Heart And Soul

After over twenty years of working with the young, I can safely say I haven’t tired one little bit. A great many changes have taken place though. The years have rushed by like wild horses and sometimes I wonder where they all went. It was back in 1991 that I began this journey, over twenty years of new ideas and new experiences, of helping countless children with countless problems, of contributing to their educations. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For those of you who have read and followed my posts, you know all too well how much I detested school, how I longed to be free of the repression I assumed myself to be ruled by. Maybe I was just a defiant, rebellious youngster, or maybe I was just a kid who didn’t feel stimulated by the education I was receiving. You also know that reading and writing came late for me. That’s very true, although I sometimes wonder why it was that it came so easily once my school years had come to a close.

Much of it had to do with the fact that I began school after my classmates, that my childhood illness slowed things down for me and that my insecurities prevented me from exploring new avenues. I believe there was more to it than that though. I spent my childhood thinking I was stupid. In my adulthood though, I realize I was bored and lacked stimulation.

I am not a teacher. That is, I am not educated as a teacher. I believe it takes a lot more than education though to become a teacher. It takes heart and soul. I have met and worked with so many teachers over the years and although the majority uses education, heart and soul every day, there are many who simply rely on education and merely go through the motions. I believe children learn when they are having fun and that I didn’t learn because I wasn’t having fun.

Living in Sweden offered me the opportunity to teach English conversation to the young. It also offered me the chance to develop my own ways to teach English conversation. Learning must be fun or it becomes a chore, it must be uplifting and exciting or it becomes a drag and a bore.

Don’t misunderstand me. I think most teachers do an amazing job. Maybe I lack the education to be passing judgment on such a noble career. I say it like I see it though, always have done.

Second part comes out on Monday.

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    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Glad you enjoyed it. If it is only half as much as I enjoyed working with those wonderful children, then you are happy indeed:)

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