Sweet Sunday Sunshine

After a long and productive weekend, it’s always so nice to kick back and relax. In this heat it’s important as well. The past week really has been wonderful, full of new and exciting adventures. The day before yesterday was a first for me as well, the first for this year anyway. It took over two weeks for me to see it. Since landing at Minneapolis/St Paul, just over two weeks ago, the sun has shone a brilliant orange and its heat has remained even after its decent into foreign lands. Yesterday though, after my last event for the week, I sat at Cricket Meadow with two espressos mixed into my coffee. The sky darkened and a thunder clap travelled through the heavens above. And then it happened…rain. I hear it has done little but rain back in Sweden and I cannot say I like the rain. The little we had yesterday though was dearly needed. Not only the crops need it, but so do the gardens of the Midwest, the forests and the animals too.

Last Monday the backdrops for William Gray & the Family Next Door were set up at the Little theater in Litchfield. Rosie took a photo of me standing before them. Finally William Gray & the Family Next Door is set to take on America. I can not tell you how excited I am. This is a dream come true. This isn’t about setting up a musical play here in America; it’s about setting up an anti-bullying/anti-racism play here in America. Far too many children go to school in fear of bullies and racists, and it’s not just children either. Adults are bullied in the workplace as well; people are frowned upon for the color of their skin. I know I cannot put an end to bullying and racism in the world. I am though, in a position to stand up and do my part.

Over the past couple of days Rosie and I have done events for Stonecroft Ministries, one in Annandale and one in Litchfield.

It’s always fun to get out there, to meet people and to tell them about ourselves, our lives, our goals and expectations. We really did have a wonderful time. During the past week we have attended many meetings as well and I have signed my books at the Litchfield Public Library.

A great working week behind me and a great working week awaiting me. But it’s Sunday today, sweet Sunday sunshine sweeping in through the kitchen window. There’s no event for me today. After a long and productive week, it’s always so nice to kick back and relax.

Hoping you all had a great weekend and that the week ahead is kind to you. I look forward to seeing many of you at my author event this coming Tues. July 17th at 6:30 at the Litchfield Public Library.



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