Not All Answers Are Easy Answers

Imagine being colorblind, imagine living in a world of black and white, of never being able to see the true beauty of everyday life. Imagine living in a world where only half the problem is presented to you, where you know you are different and despite your desperation, nobody ever really sees the true you. Imagine being a child, going to school, battling to maintain the same standard of work as your classmates. Imagine sitting alone in the playground, watching your classmates and wishing you could be a part of their lives. Imagine going through your childhood and through your teens, feeling as if you do not belong, are not a part of mainstream society. Imagine leaving school without the education you so dearly need to get ahead in life. Imagine being trapped in a body that doesn’t tell the world you are different.

If a little boy fell down and grazed his knee, would you not come to his aid and wash the cut? If an old lady was trying to cross the road, would you not take her arm and help her across? If you were to see a child with downs syndrome trying to count cents for an ice-cream, would you not feel inclined to help the child? I think you would.

Everything is based on what we can see, this is a visual society. What we see is what we get, although mark my words; what we get isn’t always what we see.

There are countless people out there. Some of them are young and others are middle-aged, while others still, are old. They all have something in common though. They all have hidden conditions.

If a man walks by with a broken arm and brain cancer, you might ask him how he broke his arm. You won’t know though that cancer is gradually eating him away unless he tells you. In much the same way, people with hidden conditions are looked upon as if they have no condition at all.

Take people with Asperger’s, people with ADD, with ADHD or Autism for example. These people struggle day in and day out with a hidden condition and all this, in a society where so many can only relate to the visual conception.

Maybe it is time for us to stop looking at what we see and to start accepting that we cannot always see what we are looking at.

To all of you out there with hidden conditions, I wish you love and peace and to all you out there without hidden conditions, I hope you will always accept that all of us are different and that although some have conditions we can see, others do not.

Wishing you a good day


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  1. sebastian westling

    so true! I recognize myself in many of these words, life has not always been easy it has become much easier but there will always be new challenges for me to solve

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      I thought you might, Seb! You have come so far though and done so well…you do us proud! 🙂

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