Life Is Easy! Quality Of Life Is Optional!

Writing became a way of life for me many years ago and as I have stated on previous occasions, the path to the written word hasn’t always been an easy one. Not having a formal education has caused me many problems in the past and moving to Sweden has meant learning a whole new way of life. Time that could have been spent educating myself in the basics was spent learning a new language and in later years, becoming a single parent meant that the possibility of gaining an education decreased even more. I was prepared to take any job even though the wages were terrible at times.

Life is easy! A male and a female make love and the end result…is life. That’s how easy it is. Quality of life though, is a totally different story. Quality of life begins as a babe in arms, carries on through a childhood, teens and adulthood. Quality of life is all about living life to the fullest, is all about making the most of a situation, about striving after better things, of feeling good about one’s self. It’s about happiness, about discovering one’s self. It’s about reaching goals and making dreams come true. Quality of life is optional!

Since the age of fifteen my dream has been to become a published author. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds though. Some authors make it big directly while others struggle on in the hopes of reaching that dream. That’s what I did. I struggled for many years, wrote in my spare time and worked as much as I humanely could while taking care of my son. I made it though…with the help of many wonderful people, who never once gave up on me despite my outwardly strange lifestyle.

It’s not all about books though, not all about seeing your novel in print, about fame and fortune. It’s quite simply about writing. A true writer writes no matter the price. It’s like the blood rushing through your veins. If it stops, you die. A true writer writes in order to live. A true writer doesn’t need to write a book in order to live, a true writer needs to write and that’s about the end of it. A true writer will write anything, anywhere, at any time and about any subject.

About seven months ago I was offered a different avenue to follow in order to continue my writing dream. Through a young reporter by the name of Ashley White, I with the help of Rosie was given the opportunity to write for AreaVoices. Now, this is a writer’s dream. Imagine a forum where you can write pretty much anything you like. It’s like Christmas for a child and I was that child, happily playing with my new toy.

Rosie writes many of the posts, although for the most part she takes the photos that accompany my stories. For me, each story is something like a tiny book. Writing for  AreaVoices makes me feel alive, gives me exactly the same buzz as writing a book does. The only difference is that I get that buzz every other day with the completion of a story and not every other year with the completion of a book.

Yesterday was a special day for us because not only did we get to meet Ashley White for dinner, but we also received an in depth tour of life at the West Central Tribune Newspaper. Editor, Kelly Boldan graciously introduced both Rosie and I to the news staff and then proceeded to explain the ins and outs of the newspaper world, everything from basic layout to printing.

Gavin and Rosie at West Central Tribune Newspaper with Editor Kelly

We would like to extend our gratitude to Kelly for this wonderful opportunity.

Until next time,