New Life

While we were relaxing in the sunshine out on the deck, a baby bird flew from the azure sky right at us. It didn’t take us long to figure out it was a baby cardinal as the male and female cardinal were in the tree very excited.Β  Here is a photo of the baby on Gavin’s fingers. The baby soon flew back into the tree and we watched father cardinal teaching it lessons in flight. It was amazing to watch “new” life.

The last few days have filled me with new life by Gavin being in Minnesota again and experiencing new adventures. We spent an afternoon in the country by the river.Β  It was so relaxing to be one with nature.

There are many lessons in life. Most experiences make us stronger by going through them. Enjoy the peace and relaxation of nature. Stop, look and listen there are so many wonders to experience just waiting for you to discover.

Until next time … Rosie

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