Back In The Great Midwest

Well, I survived the flight here, the six hour wait at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, the three hour flight to Reykjavik in Iceland, the mad dash from one plane to the other and then the six hour flight to Minneapolis/St Paul. With a head full of anticipation, sleep wasn’t really an option on the flights. Besides, there were three youngsters behind me who were only too happy to try my patience.

Thick cloud cover prevented me from seeing much of Canada, although as we flew in over Lake Superior, they fell apart and America fell away below me. The flooding your State has experienced was clear to see, the Mississippi River swelling out across the land.

I was so happy to be on solid ground, so happy to go through customs, to enter America and to begin my six promotional weeks here. Rosie was waiting for me as planned and once I had loaded everything into the car, we set off for Litchfield. It crossed my mind once in the car that had security checked my luggage on entering America; I might well have had a little explaining to do. I wasn’t transporting anything illegal, am not a smut peddler, dope dealer or even a heavy drinker.

My case was full of costumes. Can you imagine a security officer’s face had he/she opened the case? Inside were twenty-two gray mice costumes, five brown mice costumes, a cat and a crow costume. I would have had fun explaining that one. Like I said, I had absolutely nothing illegal with me; although I am sure the contents of my case would have raised an eyebrow or two.

             ( William Gray stage costumes arrive with Gavin from Sweden… here they are  washing and drying on the outside clothes line in America for the production in July! )

On the way home from the airport we saw a snapping turtle resting in the middle of the street and I just had to pull it to safety. Last year I rescued a painted turtle. Painted turtles are really pretty to look at…snapping turtles, not so much. It was my good deed for the day though.

The problem with such long journeys and such prolonged lack of sleep is the way in which the mind plays games with the weary mind. I went to bed at 9 pm, which was actually 4 am in my head. Then I was up and 4 am, which was actually 11 am for me. That was two days ago and I am back to normal today. I think I have to thank Rosie for a couple of good, American breakfasts for that. My jet lag is over and I am ready to get on and reach for new horizons.

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  1. Deb

    I had the pleasure of running into Gavin and Rosie in town today . . . smiling from ear to ear 🙂

    Enjoy your stay here, Gavin. I look forward to seeing you again later in July.

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