Dreams Unfolding Just In Time For Summer!

For sixteen years Gavin has been sharing his written word and expressions with me over the phone from Europe. First he started reading his poetry to me and then this novels and children’s theater work.Β  We formed a bond interacting over his written words.Β  I took my camera and captured nature to go along with some of his expressions.

This summer we are going to be achieving our dreams and goal of not being an ocean apart but together going to public events and sharing with others our book, Reflections Upon the Waters of Life and also promote Gavin’s novels, mainly his new novel to be released this summer, The Watchman. Plus, we have the wonderful opportunity to bring his children’s theater production, William Gray and The Family Next Door to the Little Theater in Litchfield. This is a Community Ed class that is being offered to the youth in the area. For more information and to sign up call the Community Education office at 320 693 2354.

Going back and forth with expressions leads to marvelous ways to communicate especially when you live an ocean apart from each other. Now these expressions have been put into book form for you to read and enjoy … that will take you on a fantastic journey.

Reflections Upon the Waters of Life: Combines our passion of poetry and photography. Pause and reflect on the wonders of the world, sit back, put your feet up and relax. Allow yourself to peacefully slide away from reality on the wings of photo and verse.

The WATCHMAN:Β  Author Gavin Hill’s version of creation.

From the beginning of time, he was created to watch. He watched creation form, became Father Sky, watched the birth of the human race and walked among them and watched as the game of Chance was played out between good and evil.

The All Powerful thought up a game for the three of them to play. He called it the game of Chance and taught his children the rules. It was a board game, a mighty cosmic plasma board game with a series of shapes on it.

In a future post we will tell you more about the game of Chance.

William Gray & The Family Next Door: Leads you on a fantastic journey into a fictitious world, where mice take on the rolls of humans, a jazz-playing cat takes on the roll of a bully and a beautiful crow takes on the roll of a friend in need.

So many school children, all over the world, face bullying daily; so many adults within the workplace suffer without end. William Gray & The Family Next Door is an educational tool that anybody can use, that any age can enjoy.

Sign up at the Litchfield Community Education Office or call 320 693 2354 to join the cast and perform William Gray & The Family Next Door on stage!

Have a great weekend!

Rosie and Gavin

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