Interestingly Enough … The Watchman (part 3)

continuation of Interestingly Enough … The Watchman 1 and 2

Life is a God-given gift and sadly, many of us have fallen away from religion. I have often wondered why. Is it because humanity searches the answers in the wrong places? Is it because we blindly look to the future, hoping and praying for the answers without even knowing that we are removing ourselves from them by quite simply, looking forward all the time? Is it because we find it so inconceivable that God might exist, that there is more to life than simply being born, living life and then dying? Is it because science has bombarded us with alternative thoughts for so long that we have begun to accept it as the only truth? Are we so hungry with power that we cannot believe we might be just a tiny piece of the machine called life? Remember, we once believed the sun evolved around us.

I believe the answers are all about us. We witness them every day, although our eyes are far too closed to see them. I wonder though if it is mankind or modernized mankind who is too blind. I truly believe the indigenous peoples of this planet can see with eyes wide open. America has its own native peoples, living on reservations, struggling in a world where modernization is rapidly undermining and destroying them. It isn’t really the fault of modern mankind, we are who we are. We have brains that crave information and the creativity to make dreams come true. My question though, is at what cost? Don’t get me wrong. I am not and would never want anybody to thinking I believe only modernized mankind has a brain and the creativity to make dreams come true. In many ways, the indigenous peoples of this planet are far smarter than we are.

They are not running for the future, forgetting the past. They are walking for it, simply following the hours of each passing day. We can learn a lot from them if only we give them the opportunity to speak. While we live on this planet, they still live of this planet. They know what modernization can do, have seen it first-hand. They have watched their lands disappear, seen their numbers dwindle, cried out to theirs gods; most have even taken our God as their person savior.

They were considered wild savages, pagans, lesser humans than the white man. They lived of the land and they trusted in the great spirits, just as we trusted God. The only difference between the indigenous peoples of the world and the modernized people of the world is that we have lost our ways.

I hope then that The Watchman (my new book to be released in July) will ignite a little flame, will burn on and spread, that it may cause the open minded to open their minds even more, to understand that although mankind may see God in a thousand different ways, we all worship the same God. Believing in God is far more than reading the Holy Bible, the Torah, the Koran or any other number of scriptures. It’s far more than attending church, the synagogue or the Mosque. It’s about people accepting people for who they are, about people learning to live together, about people working together to make this world a better place for our children.

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      It will be interesting to see the reaction it gets, Marlene. It’s only four days now until I am in Minnesota again:)

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