Interestingly Enough…The Watchman (Part 2)

Did you know there are an estimated one hundred and ten pyramids in Egypt, although there are over three hundred pyramids in China. There are pyramids in South and Central America, in Europe too. Did you know that nobody really knows why Stonehenge was built or what it was used for.

There are just so many mysteries, so many things that we don’t know about our own planet, about our own pasts. What exactly is the Bermuda Triangle, or the how were the Nazca Lines in Peru made? What is the location of Atlantis, why does the Mayan ‘Long Count’ calendar end on the date that corresponds to our December 12, 2012? What exactly are the Caribbean Underwater Pyramids, the lost world of Lemuria, the huge heads on Easter Island? What are the Ica Stones, the Morrisonville Enigma, the Salzburg Cube or the Coso Artifact?

Is there a cure for cancer somewhere deep with the rainforests of Brazil or a cure for AIDS within the gallbladder of some near extinct fish off the coast of India? And more importantly, will we ever find out? We are too busy searching the answer in the future to even understand the importance of learning out past. That’s where we will find the answers, not on some planet, ten thousand light years away from here.

I have been considered provocative by some, maybe even by many. I like it that way though. I don’t do it to be mean, am never out to hurt anybody. I merely want to cause people to think over their lives, to see what they have in preference to what they don’t have. It’s important to see the glass as half full in preference to half empty.

I began my writing career by writing poems. The easiest subject for me at the time was, love, although I soon turned my attention to subjects most people feel uncomfortable with. I touched upon such subjects as unemployment, the homeless, religion; life after death, racial injustice, war and euthanasia. I think it important for the reader to question my words, not just to read them and then to forget them. I want the reader to questions them, to play with them and to consider a different perspective through them.

It’s the same with my books. I like to add a little touch to the storyline, like to have the reader question exactly what it is I am try to convey. I don’t want to bombard them with crazy, unachievable ideas, don’t want to convince them that the impossible is possible. I just want them to entertain the idea of a different line of thought.

Within The Watchman, I have undertaken to follow the original storyline of creation, according to the Old Testament and my aim has never been to destroy, or adjust its persona in any way. I have every respect for religion and in no way, do I wish to discredit the Holy Scriptures or what they stand for. I have changed certain names and have struggled to interweave the story of creation with Darwin’s theory of evolution, so that they are perfectly compatible.

Razaal is the last of eight children to be created within the spiritual glow. Each of them were created for a very special purpose, although one of them left creation long before the birth of Planet Earth. Razaal was chosen for the most special purpose of all. Not only did he build Planet Earth, according to a blueprint, given to him within the spiritual glow, but he is destined to become Father Sky and Walker among Mankind. He not only tells, but shows the story of creation, bringing both the religious and scientific view of creation together, allowing them to reach perfect harmony.

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  1. Christina Blomberg

    I really, REALLY, long to read your book Gavin.
    You know I like the way you write and how you make me feel when I read your words.
    I wish you a wonderful summer, Im sure it will be just that, WONDERFUL.
    Take care and enjoy everyday of the summer.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Appreciate that, Christina:) I am looking forward to leaving now, meeting new people and promoting my work. I have been off work now almost a week and already, I am feeling unispired. I hope yo too will have a wonderful summer:)

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