Six Of One And Half A Dozen Of The Other (Part 2)

The story continues from: Six of one and half a dozen of the other

Variation, competition, offspring, genetics and natural selection, Charles Darwin’s theories changed the way we saw so many things. There was a logic within them that just couldn’t go without closer inspection. And so where did that leave religion? And where did that place dinosaurs? My main question though is; why can’t science and religion get along together? Personally, I don’t see any problem. I can believe in Darwin’s theories and believe in religion at the same time. I actually find they complement each other perfectly.

The Maze series took me several years to write and is actually based in a world where science and religion get along faultlessly. In book four, The Watchman, the reader witness evolution firsthand, through the eyes of Razal. Razal was created by God, the last of eight children (Zeera, Zarina, Zarluus, Rodaal, Razmi, Ratzia and Roiazalu) At one time, there had been another, but Radal had long since been banished by God. Razal tells the story of evolution, of how God created a blueprint for planets and for life. God gives him the task of building Planet Earth and rewards him for his work by making him Father Sky. From his vantage point, Razal records all things, bringing both science and religion together as perfect pieces to a divine creation. He witnesses the birth of Pangaea, the first plants, trees, life moving up, out of the water. He saw evolution at work, creatures great and small, some living on the land, some living in the waters and some living on both land and in the water. He witnesses the breakup of Pangaea, landmasses forming, creatures evolving accordingly. He tells us of the Holy Bible, of how Darwin’s theories and the Holy Scriptures work together hand in hand.

My interest in dinosaurs has never dwindled, never really lessened in any way. Other interests have come along though. Life is like a good bottle of wine. It needs time to mature. My interest in religion has grown over the years. I am an observer, always have been and probably, always will be. But just because my religious beliefs have grown, doesn’t mean my belief in Darwin’s theories have died. I see no reason why the two cannot get along with each other. The history of humanity is rich to say the least, although the history of this planet is infinitely longer. We are only a tiny piece of God’s creation, so who is to say God didn’t create dinosaurs as well.

On a final note, The Watchman will be published and released in July. My other books already available on  or  or  are

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