Let Freedom Ring

Upon entrance to the Litchfield cemetery, one can not help but notice the numerous United States flags that are waving in welcome and honor of our freedom this Memorial weekend. It is mesmerizing to view them swaying in the light breeze.There is something about the shimmer of the rippling waves of Lake Ripley as you stand at the cemetery that is captivating. I have yet to find a cemetery with more graceful and breathtaking beauty. It was one of the first places I took Gavin last year upon his arrival to Minnesota. Taking his photo among these “welcoming flags” showed he had finally reached his American dream!


It is tradition that we decorate the cemetery with flowers and flags for Memorial weekend. Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day is the time when our nation pays tribute to the men and women who gave their lives in the line of duty for their country. It is believed the holiday has its roots in the practice of women decorating the graves of their loved ones who had died in the Civil War. Memorial Day was traditionally observed each year on May 30, but in the early 1970s Congress changed the date to the last Monday in May.

I was in total peace decorating the plot of my dear parent’s headstone with flowers Friday evening.  It was especially enchanting as the Litchfield Jazz Band was playing at Lake Ripley Memorial Park which is only a few yards away. The music floated and lingered in the air. This made it even more magical and peaceful. In the nearby swampy section, frogs were croaking in time to the music. Birds were flying overhead and landing in trees, singing along with their beautiful chitter-chatter. It was a full course of the most delightful variety of heavenly music. I was standing at the exact spot where my father was honored with his full military gun salute at his funeral. In my mind, I could hear  the firing of those volley shots as a salute, mixed with the other present sounds all around me. I smiled feeling the warmth of a million lovingly memories.

Full Military Gun Salute

In closing is a Memorial Weekend Remembrance Cartoon in honor of my father who served for our Country; was wounded and given the Purple Heart. Plus, all others past and present that serve for our freedom … God Bless!

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