What Do Our Children Need To Know?

What is there to say about the birth of a child? About becoming parents and about holding a tiny little life in your loving arms? There’s no feeling like it, nothing on this earth that can possibly compare to the wonderment of new life. Parenthood is a gift of God, the greatest gift of all. It is a living, breathing, growing, time consuming gift, a gift that gives parents both ups and downs. It is a gift that needs nurturing, that requires responsibility and that quite simply demands, dedication. As parents, it is our duty to provide for our children, to grant them the fundamental foundations that will enable them to survive in the big, bad world. It is our duty to offer them love and understanding, to bring them up to be decent and caring adults. For they are our future, our legacy; and long after the last dirt pile has fallen on our bones, in their memories, we shall never die.

I became a proud father on May 1st 1996. God so graciously bestowed upon me the ultimate gift, the gift that has led and is still leading me through all the ups and downs of parenthood. The road ahead of me has been a long and winding one and even though I have moved far along it, I know all too well that I have a long way to go. The years have rushed by like wild horses and sometimes, I wish I could just slow them down. I can’t though; that’s a fact. Another fact is that there is a rule that comes with this gift of God. Maybe babies should be born with labels attached to their bottoms, so we would learn it straight off. It’s the one rule that applies more than any other, the one rule that we as parents, must get straight in our heads from the very word go. Unlike the teddy bear that your parents so kindly bought your little bundle of joy, your child will have no label. The teddy bear is owned, my son has owned many. However, my son is not owned; that is the rule.

I know all too well that my son will continue to grow, that he will one day, venture out into the world that was once virgin territory to me. I know that he will leave the parental nest, spread his wings and head off into an adventure filled horizon. The world is full of great opportunities for the youngster today, the possibilities are vast. Unfortunately though, so are the pit falls. Far too many teenagers fall by the wayside and drown in their own despair. These forgotten teenagers were once babes in arms; and I am pretty sure, they were loved before their roads met such wrongdoings.

The question is; how do we spare our children from these pit falls? There are thousands of books that offer advice, talk shows and people to do the same. The simple answer though, is parental teaching and later still, a good education. I have always believed that in order for a child to grow into a respectful and clean living adult, a child needs a healthy learning environment.

I have always been interested in the young. Not purely since becoming a father, although my interest greatly increased on becoming one. I have taught English conversation to many Swedish children over the years and have, in my humble opinion, done a pretty good job of it. I didn’t have the best education, I didn’t bother at school, didn’t care. I have followed my own path, cut out a life for myself, learned by the book of hard knocks. Looking back on my school days, I can safely say, they were the best days of my life. It took me a long time though to find that out. I cannot change my past, cannot wash away the years and start over again. I can though, offer the youth of today something I never experienced. I can offer them the chance to do something just that little bit different, a chance of becoming a part of something that will help to guide and to mold them toward adulthood.

Part two coming in two days

Have a nice day  Gavin


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  1. Marlene

    Especially like this one, Gavin. Well written. I have a large family and nothing can compare to like a healthy learning and living environment by encouraging parents, good points made.
    Having met you and seen you in action with children in America makes me know you are a good father and mentor to all youth. Keep up the good work. Anxious to see you again and your play that the kids get to present on stage. Just plain neat!

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Glad you like it, Marlene! One can only do one’s best in life. Nobody is perfect, although together, we can make this world a better place for our children. It’s not long now until I will be back in Minnesota and I am looking forward to seeing you again as well:)

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