Searching for That Special Café (Part 3)

I write in cafés, always have done. There’s something about sitting out in the sun with a piping hot cup of coffee and the tools of my trade, studying each passer-by as I work. Rainy days are fine too. Then I just move inside and peer out though the streams of water as they make wild dashes for the window ledge.  Here in Kungsbacka, Sweden there are a good many cafés. I only write in two of them though. I don’t know why. I have tried them all, but only two of them appeal to me and inspire me enough to create stories.

I wondered then how it would be in America, wondered if I would find that perfect place to write. Rosie took me to several places and there were two that really hit home. The first one was Cricket Meadow in down town, Litchfield, MN.  It was cozy and I really felt comfortable there. It’s very relaxed and is right next to an amazing store named, Very Vintage. I love old things, could spend hours browsing a good buy. For a writer searching inspiration, Very Vintage, owned by a lovely lady named, Susan, it is a gold mine. (Our book, Reflections Upon the Waters of Life is also sold in her shop)

I think though I found my writer’s paradise on the back streets of Mankato. It was a small café, a little dark and gloomy, everything I had been looking for. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there at the time to work, but to find the best cup of coffee in town. Let me assure you, the coffee is to die for. So, there are two cafés that I shall head for this year when searching out a little inspiration, although I am sure there are many more just waiting to be discovered. Maybe you know of a nice café, where the coffee is great and the atmosphere is amazing. If you do, I would gladly hear from you and will be sure to visit the café.

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5 thoughts on “Searching for That Special Café (Part 3)

  1. Clare’s Well in the country side of Annandale is a day retreat (old farm site) that is peaceful for inspiration … you could write there. They serve a noon meal and I am sure they would have some kind of coffee!

  2. Writing in café must be give you a lot of ideas to use.. Lots of different people.
    And from reading your books I know it works as your books are so very great..
    Even if I dont like coffee myself I do LOVE the smell of it for some reason.
    Maybe because the smell is the smell of relaxing for me, as everyone else
    drink it when they have a brake..

    Enjoy your coffee and keep writing..

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