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For those of you that have been following us here on Sweet Conclusions. Area Voices, you know Gavin is a British author and Rosie is a photographer. Sweet Conclusions has been our dream for years. We reached our goal by combining our passion of poetry and photography and founded Sweet Conclusions, an exclusive art company showcasing our passion in book form, greetings cards, and printed enlargements for your office or home wall decor.

During this video we talk about our new book, “Reflections Upon the Waters of Life,” and  our company Sweet Conclusions. Sit back and enjoy as Gavin reads you one of his poems!

Showcasing combined artistic style

on the wings of photo and verse

is our book Reflections Upon the Waters of Life.

Pause and reflect on the wonders of the world around us. Sit back and put your feet up and relax while you read Reflections Upon the Waters of Life. Allow yourself to peacefully slide away from reality on the wings of photo and verse!

Our book is available by leaving us a message under this post or by emailing us @ rosa136@mchsi.com  or by leaving a message by telephone (320-693-7100) or at Very Vintage in downtown Litchfield.

We received our third shipment of Reflections Upon the Waters of Life today so we are able to ship to you immediately.

Have a wonderful day!

Gavin and Rosie   ( We want to thank Ashley White, reporter at West Central Tribune for taking and editing this video for Sweet Conclusions)

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  1. Marlene

    Love your book, Reflections Upon the Waters of Life! Great video! I have some of your work on my walls and you inspire me everyday!

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