A Net For All (part 2)

Continuation of A Net for All

Then of course, there is the other side to the Internet, the down side, the flip side, the damn right horrible side. Because the Internet is so wide a net, it also houses the worst in mankind. I have always found sex to be an interesting subject, not only because I am a red blooded male, but because I find all aspects of human nature to be of interest. There was a time when sex was a simple matter of copulation, a male and a female in the act of producing offspring. When the missionaries first went out across the waters to spread the word of God, they tried to persuade the unknown masses into performing sex in a certain way. This has become to be known as the missionary position. Since these times, thousands of new positions have come along. The Internet caters for all needs and today’s society has many needs.

There are however, measures that can be taken to prevent people from entering these sites. At the bottom of many, although not nearly enough sites, are several options. Cyber patrol, net nanny, cyber sitter and surf watch, are good examples, although I am sure that there must be a few more out there somewhere. If one feels that sex sites are inapplicable, then one can enter one of the above sites. With the help of one of these sites one can be assured total freedom of sex sites and other distasteful sites.

Be it for better or for worse, the Internet has taught us a good many valuable lessons in life. Not only has it taught us, we are capable of creating something that is in essence, almost as great as ourselves, but we have also created an endless avenue of entertainment. The flip side of the coin tells us the Internet is an educational tool, a link with past, present and future. It gives us an option, hours at the local library, sitting on chairs that have been sat in by thousands before, flicking through the pages of books that have been flicked through by thousands before, or resting in one’s own, swivel chair, at home with one’s own computer and with one’s own cup of coffee in hand and with one’s own, familiar surroundings. It also tells us that mankind is lost and is contentedly bathing in sin. It tells us that we, as a race, are fast falling into the vile pit of despair, and that some of us are perfectly happy to wallow in the sheer horror and deafening pain of others. We are mankind and we are only one step away from the animals that we so desperately try to separate ourselves from. The Internet has not only taught us this and much, much more, but somehow, I feel that it might only be the beginning.

Having read the Bible on several occasions previous, I somehow feel able to compare the Internet to the Holy Scriptures. You see, it is all about choice, all about freedom to follow the path that one feels at ease with. God gave us a choice. He didn’t tell us, we had to follow him; he quite simply told us of the consequences of not following him. In many ways it is fair to say that the Internet does exactly the same thing. The Internet is God and it is the Devil, it is good and it is evil, and it’s waiting there for you. It is the Angel Gabriel and it is the scourge of mankind, is the opener of eyes and the closer of hearts. It is the highest of high and the lowest of low, the creator and the tempter, the lover and the destructor. It is whatever you want it to be; the choice is yours and yours alone.

By Gavin Hill


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