Down Memory Lane

As I watched my son go on stage to receive his college diploma from Minnesota State University, Mankato last Saturday, his childhood flashed through my mind.  It was like I was seeing a video. I recalled and envisioned the first time he was placed in my arms and arriving home to the lit lawn sign my mother had placed on our front yard blinking, “IT’S A BOY!”

I recalled the first time he said, “Mama, hugs” The first time he made his tricycle move, his bicycle and the first time he drove away in the car to pick up his prom date.

I recalled the moment my doctor told me that I should prepare myself as I would not live long enough to see him finish middle school. Now years later, I was watching him shake the President of the University’s hand and receive his diploma.  Life has thrown health curves in our path but together we never stopped having faith to fight the fight to survive to see this day take place.

We got this graduation cake to celebrate. Look at the inside layers of this masterpiece! It was called midnight delight with layers of moist chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate shavings and fudge wrapped in rich fudge ganache.  As I watched my son take the first bite of his cake, my heart was again filled with more “rich” layers of memories that I will remember the rest of my life.

Thank you, to my son, for being the “richest” treasure in my life!

Until next time, Rosie 

P.S.  Through live stream, Gavin was able to “watch” my son graduate! I got a message from him: 17:23 my time, I see him! You have to love modern technology!


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  1. Trudy

    I’m so happy for your son! I’m so thankful that you have gotten to be here for this special moment in his life. What a milestone he has reached!!! I look forward to hearing about the moment he gives you a grandbaby. :o) Love ya

  2. Deb

    Those years fly by SO quickly, don’t they? As I’ve said before, I’m so happy you all got to celebrate Justin’s graduation together . . . and even Gavin!!

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