Rocking My Boat … Again!

One evening last week, I sat down to watch the television after a long, working day. I was tired and it was almost bedtime, but I wasn’t quite ready to sleep. I had half a cup of tea left to drink and it wasn’t really that late after all. I zapped through the channels, not really looking for anything in particular, just zapping. I love animals, always have done. As I zapped to Channel 2, I saw the cutest, little critter, staring back at me with bright and vibrant eyes. Its ears were small and round and its long slim body was covered in glossy, thick dark brown fur. I didn’t need to zap any further; I had found something worth watching. I reached for my cup of tea and made myself comfortable.

I wrote a post a while back called, ‘Rocking My Boat’. Looks like I have found something else that rocks my boat. Did you know an estimated 1.5 million mink are slaughtered for their fur each year in Sweden? I was shocked, horrified! I don’t know if it was the way in which these poor creatures are forced to live in tiny cages without release for their natural, hunting instincts. Or whether it is the mind boggling stress these creatures are forced to endure, the cannibalism; the fact that some of them chew their own feet off, break their teeth as they desperately attempt to escape a life behind wire mesh.

It’s a fact that these things got to me, of course they did. But worse than what the animals were going through was the total lack of respect the owners of these farms were showing the mink. From ripping them out of their tiny cages and stuffing them into the gassing box to the end result, a great big pile of death, just waiting to be skinned, so that some rich fool can wear a new fur coat. What is the world coming to?

There was a time when we needed furs to keep ourselves warm. Back at the beginning of our time, men hunted wild animals. They used everything, didn’t waste a single part of that creature. The fur was turned into clothing, the meat was eaten; the sinews were used to make bow strings and sewing thread, and the bones were used to make fishing hooks and camp structures.

On the mink farms though, it’s a different story all together. Once these poor creatures have suffered enough, they are gassed and skinned, their fleshy bodies burned to ashes.

I ask you this though: what right does a human have to treat life with such vile decadence and what government truly has the right to allow this barbaric practice to continue?

After watching a small portion of this program on Swedish TV last week, I wrote a post on my Facebook wall. I received many interesting messages. Everybody called for an end to these death farms although a couple made a very good point. One said and translated, I quote: “Just one thing, we cannot just release them all into the wild, but I do agree with you, this needs to end.”

I totally agree with that statement. Releasing millions of mink into the environment would be disastrous and is absolutely not feasible. However, had mankind’s greed and total lack of respect for life not been so savagely high, we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. I think the fur trade should be brought to a sudden end and the millions of mink, brought into this world to die for the price of our own vanity, be destroyed with their furs in place. As much as I hate the idea of more mink dying, I see no way of offering them all a safe home.

Another wrote, and again, translated, I quote: “For some reason, people seem to react when concerning the fur trade, although much less when concerning leather wear, shoes and furniture. Not to mention the meat and eggs that we eat. These animals have pretty much the same rights.”

It too was a point of view that I could understand. These animals don’t have it easy either but they have it far better than the mink in their tiny cages. Sure, chickens have been kept in small cages for countless years. Campaigning though has given the chicken a far better existence. We as consumers can choose free-range eggs. We don’t need fur coats, but we do need to eat. We use far more of the cow than we do of the mink. Of course, it is important we respect all life and although at the end of the day, the pig, cow and chicken is a food source; it is our duty to offer these creatures a dignified life and death. Not only do we eat the meat, but we use the skins and feathers. Very little goes to waste and in that respect, I think we have come much further than life within the mink farms.

And as for these so called, mink farmers, these peddlers in death and misery, with their row upon row of cages and their gassing boxes with so much blood on their hands. I can only tell you now just how much I detest them, how they make my blood boil…how they rock my boat!

I stand the risk of enraging certain people in both Sweden and in America. Not to mention citizens of other countries who read these posts and who believe the fur trade valid. That’s a risk I will take. I see it like it is and I write it as I see it. This isn’t just senseless, this is insane. This is barbaric, heinous, scandalous, wicked, terrible and awful.  Anybody involved in this macabre trade should be ashamed.

So now you know what is rocking my boat…again.




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  1. Lucille

    Another great post … look at that face! Keep writing and thank you for sharing your thoughts and writing it as you see it.

    I enjoy both of your articles and different styles of writing.

  2. Gavin and Rosie

    Thank you, Lucille. Yes, it’s hard to believe humanity can treat animal life with such blatant disrespect. I am glad you enjoy my writing styles. As long as you are here to read, I am here to write. Have a nice day:)

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