Put Yourself In This Situation

Life is a precarious, balancing act, just one wrong step, and all is lost. Seven billion human beings, infinite numbers of creatures share this planet with us. Many of them haven’t even been discovered yet. We are humanity, God’s children; the ones chosen to preserve this wonderful planet for centuries to come. And yet, everything hangs in the balance. Life is fragile, we are fragile. We reach for new heights without thinking of the consequences, race toward the future, forgetting the lessons of the past. We see with eyes wide shut, preferring to pretend everything will work out just fine. And maybe it will but just for a moment put yourself in this situation.

It’s Sunday morning. You’ve just woken up. The sun is shining brightly outside and those familiar sounds of spring are gently filtering in through your slightly open, bedroom window. You yawn and stretch the night from your bones, roll your head toward the bedside cabinet, noting the time. It is twenty minutes past nine. You lie there a minute or two longer and then you climb out from under the warmth of your duvet. The morning causes your skin to goose-bump slightly; tingles crossing your naked flesh and you reach for your dressing gown before putting it on. You leave the bedroom and head for the kitchen. Once there; you prepare your morning coffee. Then you flick the switch and sit yourself down at the kitchen table. Out through the dusty window you notice a brightly colored butterfly and you study it a short while before reaching for a magazine. A soft coffee tang fills the morning air. You flick through the pages and then you reach for a clean cup. When the coffee is ready, you fill the cup before returning to the table. You take a sip, your taste buds savoring the taste of yet another day. You might go into town later, or maybe you’ll just go for a walk in the park. It’s Sunday, it’s your day, and you’re going to make the most of it.

You finish your coffee, stroll off into the lounge and put the television on. Your heart races; a sudden fear taking you by the shoulders; forcing you to sit down. Your face is quite pale and your eyes stare at the man on the television screen. His words are full of dread and gloom and within seconds, your thoughts of a peaceful Sunday are broken.

”Canada has declared war on America,” he says seriously. ” President Barack Obama has ordered all males between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four to sign up. “Men of America… your country needs you!”

You turn the television off and head thoughtfully into the shower. Each step feels like ten and as you release yourself of your dressing gown, step into the shower and let a warm sprinkle rain down on you; you begin to wonder if you might just be dreaming. Everything goes in slow motion, even the constant pitter-patter of water drops appear to fall at a speed that is somehow alien to you. The rest of the day is spent in front of the television. Like a magnet, it draws you into the horror of it all. You witness the carnage first hand, death as it happens. It’s a losing battle and the losses are great. You go to bed late that night, although you don’t sleep. The clock on your bedside cabinet flashes each hour, each minute, each second, and you witness them all.

This is where we can take a break. Tomorrow is another day, although by no means should we take each day for granted.

When you turn off your computer, savor your day as if it was your last for everybody has a last day to come.

I will continue this story on Sunday, until then take care …  Gavin

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  1. Marlene

    Amen to your words, Gavin,”Tomorrow is another day, although by no means should we take each day for granted.”
    also we should let the ones in our hearts know what’s in our heart.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      LIfe is an amazing gift, Marlene. But we really don’t know when the end will come to an end or how that end will come. WE must reach out everyday and let people know just how much we care. Have a great day:)

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you, Lucille. I hope the final installment to the story will will be as interesting to you as the first:)

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