Don’t Miss This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity!

Max the cat, Colin the crow, Lucy Brown and William Gray will come to life as you learn about them and the other characters in the wonderful, anti-bullying story by British author, Gavin Hill. The class will teach drama exercises, foundations of working together and communication.

Participants will learn the story, listen to the musical lyrics and then bring the story to life through acting it out! Participants will perform, William Gary and the Family Next Door at 4 PM on Thursday July 26, followed by a visit with author, Gavin Hill!

Class schedule:  Guide line for Grades 2-6 (although not limited to those ages)

Monday-Thursday July 16-19     2:30-4:00 PM

Monday-Thursday July 23-26     2:30-4:00 PM

Thursday July 26                        4:00-5:30 PM

(Presentation of William Gary and author visit. Everyone is welcome to attend)

Litchfield, MN High School Little Theatre

Fee and reservations through the Litchfield Community Education Office 114 Holcombe Ave. N., Suite 110 or call them at (320) 693-2354 to get on the reservation list.

If any questions, feel free to contact Rosie at or call the Litchfield Community Education Office (320) 693-2354

Note from Gavin:  Hi parents and youth, I am so looking forward to working with the youth on my wonderful theater production, William Gray and The Family Next Door.  I have the costumes all packed in my suitcase just waiting now to arrive to your area!  We can’t wait to see you in July!   Bye for now, Gavin, William Gray, Lucy Brown, Colin and Max 🙂

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    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Ah, Trudy, I am sure you would! Thanks for your sincere response. We will do the next best thing and bring parts of it to you and everyone via posts and videos 🙂

  1. Christina Blomberg

    A bit far for me LOL
    But Im so happy to read about the event… It will be a success for sure…

    As I was one of those who had to stand being bullied when I was in school I really like this event to help children *and others* who have had to live with it to.. And it will make everyone understand how hurtful it really is..

    Thanks to both of you for doing this..

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Yes, Christina this anti-bullying story is very important to share. Gavin’s story and lyrics to the songs are truly amazing! Thanks.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Yes, Deb, hopefully you will be able to attend.
      Parents and Grandparents and friends will want to see their children perform on stage the story of William Gray and The Family Next Door.

  2. Ruth

    Hi Gavin, you won’t remember me, but I am a lifelong friend of your mother (Margaret) and do remember you. I have been very interested to hear from your mother how well you have done, and indeed have found some of your passages extremely interesting and thought provoking. Margaret speaks of you with great pride and it is so good to know that you have done so well. It would be lovely to attend the above, but unfortunately a little too far for me. However, I wish you all the very best for the future in everything you do. Fondest regards Ruth.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you, Ruth. It is a long way to go. I shall be posting updates here though, so stay tuned and there will be plenty more to read. Thank you so much for getting in touch. I really must phone Mum later and say hello. Have a nice day:)

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