Let The Voting Begin!

Ashley arrived to my home this afternoon and we decided that it was still my birth-week and we needed to celebrate. What do two single ladies do to celebrate?

Well, we could have done any number of things but we ended up driving to Saint Cloud. We found out that there are cowboy boots, work shoes, tennis shoes, flat shoes, dress shoes, sandals, leather boots, one and half inch heels, three inch heels and then there are six inch “high-heels” that say “WOW” !!!!!!  Yes, that is six exclamation marks for each inch of heel!  We spent only a ” few hours” trying on many different styles and colors of these wonderful creations! We were turning heads with our, “Oh, look at this one” and then gasping with yet another style we hadn’t seen from a quick scan a second ago. Sure, there are shoes for comfort but when a woman puts on a six inch heel she suddenly transforms into Cinderella and you forget about ever needing comfort!

Two ladies in Macy’s shoe department can really have the time of their life just “trying” on high heels.  We narrowed it down to these. Please help us decide by taking a vote with a reply. Your vote would be helping all mankind!

We both left happy and stress free; without any new shoes but the helpful sales lady told us that all “high-heels” go on sale in a few days.  What do you think … one of each?!

I highly recommend this “free” form of relaxation and wow factor experience. Thanks Ashley, I had a wonderful birthday celebration with you but we really need to go back and try on more before I can decide! 🙂

Bye for now and remember to help with your vote!

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  1. Eva Andersson

    I agree. On sale? Buy them all! A woman can never have too many shoes! Doesn’t matter what men think, they just don’t get it!!! 🙂

  2. Maggie Eberle

    What fun – I can relate to trying on all those shoes – I have a shoe fettish – I couldn’t tell you how many pairs of shoes I have in my closet, but there are lots & lots!
    I myself liked the pink ones!

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