Outside The Box (Part 3)

continuation Outside the Box 1 and 2

We say we eat healthily, yet we constantly spray our food produces with deadly pesticides.

We sit in the sun for hours on end, yet we know it could give us skin cancer.

We cut down the rainforests, yet we know it adds to global warming.

WWI  was coined as being: The War to End All Wars. Yet, there was a World War II and there have been countless wars since.

These are just a few bad things about life inside the box. There are many more. Many people have asked me how I manage to write book after book, how I manage to write poems, songs texts and write theater manuscripts. It’s easy! What I find difficult is getting up in time for work, paying my bills on time, meeting lots of people in a closed space, walking down the street and knowing there are people behind me. I am afraid for people, sometimes afraid of people, afraid of death. What I find difficult is making sense of a bus or train timetable, of deciding which packet of butter or which loaf of bread to buy, which café to drink a cup of coffee in, of people not liking me.

Nobody is perfect and all of us make mistakes. What some people can do naturally, others struggle with daily. I know people who can add, subtract and multiply in the blink of an eye. I on the other hand, can barely do it with a calculator. What they do with numbers, I do with words. I’m not a great conversationalist, have problems finding words. It’s not that I don’t have them in my head, but that they refuse to leave my mouth. Somewhere between brain and tongue, something just goes wrong. When I am on stage, when I am holding seminars, I know exactly what to say.

If you are happy to live inside the box, that’s fine. You are hard-working and you are helping to keep the machine running.  We, who don’t feel at ease within the box and those who have decided to remain outside of the box, owe you a great debt.

The ones who cannot fully live within the box though, are also important members of humanity. They produce great works of art, books for you to read, poems for you to relish, songs for you to dance to, movies for you to laugh and to cry to. They are the cultural wave that washes in against the shoreline of the box and who make life worth living. A car has thousands of parts and the ignition has no idea what the gearbox is, although both are necessary in order for the car to work.

So to all of you, both inside and outside the box, I wish you an amazing day.

A final note:  Isaiah 40:22  He sits above the circle of the earth. It is estimated the book of Isaiah was written during the 7th Century BC. I think that really puts a twist on things.

Until next time, Gavin


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      Thank you, Cecilia…for taking the time to read what I have to say. I so enjoy writing here about my thoughts on life. Have a nice day:-)

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