Message To Self

Sitting here at my computer, watching the sun rise, streamers of blood red cutting through the trees outside, I cannot help but think how fragile we are. Not even two months ago I was sitting here, gazing out through my dusty, dining room window, out into a wintery wonderland. I remember so well, the birch trees outside, standing frigid against thick, snowy swells of white. It wasn’t that long ago leaves of rustic reds and golden browns were falling like confetti at some flower-power wedding. And just before that, the leaves were fresh and green, dancing joyfully within a summer tinged breeze.

It’s the circle of life, the constant, four season turn. Many years ago, my grandfather (rest his soul) spoke of his life, of his three score and ten. He didn’t want more than seventy years, didn’t think it right to live over seventy when he might be taking somebody else’s years. He died at seventy as well.

When we are young, we see ourselves as invincible, able to take on the world, ready and willing to fight the great fight. We fearlessly take on repression, racism and poverty. We educate ourselves, break free of single figures and enter double ones. We educate ourselves, leave the family nest; begin working life, start new families. We save lives, build cities, cultivate the land, travel the globe, explore outer space, raise armies, wage wars, lead countries, create works of art.

Nobody escapes age though. It’s inevitable, just one of those things. The older we become, the more likely we are to realize we are far more vulnerable than we once thought. We begin to appreciate our boundaries, stop taking chances, start checking for gray hairs, stop eating too many fatty foods, start eating more fruit and vegetables, stop smoking, and start taking a morning jog to work.

Last week I felt fantastic. Not today though. Today I have a fever, the chills. My nose hurts, eyes hurt, throat hurts, body hurts…everything hurts. Am I just getting old, because colds never used to take me like this? I hear giving birth is the most painful thing a woman can ever experience. A man with a cold…did you really think I would go there? I wouldn’t dare. It’s a bad cold though.

And so why did I spend a sick day writing this post? Well, it’s a reminder to me that I really must clean those windows when I feel better. On second thoughts, it probably would have been easier to just grab a post it and put it on the fridge.

If you have a cold, I wish you a cold-free day tomorrow.

If you don’t have a cold, I wish you a great day.

Bye for now, Gavin


8 Responses

  1. Christina Blomberg

    I DO hope you are feeling better really soon.
    I know how it is with men and the cold LOL
    Let say it like this.. Im happy as long as my husband is healthy and feeling great. LOL

    Take good care of yourself

    I loved to read here today, as always,

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you, Christine. I am starting to feel much better. Hope everything is well with you:)

  2. Eva Andersson

    Swedish spring – colds and thoughts about cleaning windows. I’ve also been through both this Easter… Hope that you too is on the mending by now, and that your windows are clean – as mine are… And if they’re not, I hope it’s because you’ve been too busy writing! 🙂

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      My windows are still a mess, but I have written an awful lot, so I have no complaints. Hope you have had a good Easter:)

  3. Trudy

    Gavin, I pray you are feeling much better. I had not come to read for a time… I think I didn’t because I enjoy your writings so much, I get to read longer now. LOL Hope you had a fantastic Easter and this week is full of blessings.

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