Minnesota Calling (Part 4)

Minnesota has so much to offer and there is still so much of that great state that I haven’t seen yet. I love nature, always have. I love animals and birds; love longs walks in the countryside, being one with the environment.

I remember one day when Rosie and I were out in the car. There was something up ahead, something slowly crossing the road. It was quite a busy road and I just couldn’t bear the thought of whatever it was out there, getting crushed by a car. I told Rosie to pull over. I jumped out and rushed over to it. I had never seen a painted turtle in the wild before. You can buy them in Sweden, as pets.

It was quite large and it’s under belly was absolutely gorgeous. I rushed it off the road and moved toward a large grassed area. I don’t think the turtle was so impressed with my bold efforts really. I hadn’t expected it to buy me dinner exactly, but anything would be better than what it sprayed me with.

Life is a learning experience and me; I learned not to hold a turtle when it’s facing you!

I saw pelicans on Lake Ripley; saw blue jays,cardinals, chickadees, robins, red and yellow winged blackbirds, gold finches, nuthatches and herons as well. I so wanted to see a raccoon, although sadly, the only ones I saw were road kill.

It’s not long now until I come back though, only a couple of months until Rosie picks me up at the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport. It’s only a couple of months until I sit on the deck at Rosie’s place in Litchfield, listening to the insects all around us, that softly scented breeze fighting to keep the mosquitoes away. Only a couple of months now until I get to meet the wonderful people of the American Midwest; to hear the greeting lady at Wal-Mart welcoming me in and wishing me a good day, to count carriages on their way out west. It’s only a couple of months now until I get to see painted turtles and pelicans and maybe with a little luck, I might even get to see a raccoon!

Bye for now, Gavin


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  1. Trudy

    I shall pray you get to see a raccoon and maybe even baby ones. :o) Love the turtle part of the story. ๐Ÿ™‚ Waiting ever so patiently for part 5 :o)

  2. Christina Blomberg

    I might not comment on every part on this story but I read, I smile and I also cry sometimes.. But those are happy tears.. I will pray that the months will pass quickly so you are soon back in Minnesota. Gavin.
    You are a magician with words, both of you are.
    Thank you so much for sharing your stories and thoughts.

  3. Maggie Eberle

    Enjoyed part 4 Minnesota Calling – glad you didn’t forget to mention our pesky state bird (The Mosquito)!!!

  4. Eva Andersson

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you to see your racoon! Myself I would have been really disappointed if I hadn’t seen a skunk or a hummingbird while in Ca – got to see both. Again…
    Hope time flies until the two of you get together again. Maybe this year we will follow your adventures on a regular basis? ๐Ÿ™‚

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