Majestic Appearance

I was outside this afternoon, enjoying this lovely March weather, when the crows started squawking extremely loud.  I looked up and I still can’t believe what I saw.  An American Bald Eagle came bolting out of the azure sky.  My mouth had to have come completely open in utter amazement. The Bald Eagle came swooping down to pick up a squirrel. Not one but three crows started chasing him. The crows must have been as surprised as I was to view this Bald Eagle’s in flight appearance! They were no doubt defending their territory.  The huge wing-span of this majestic symbol of our country was astoundingly awesome to view. He circled my yard and then I watched him fly off across the railroad tracks. I have always lived in the residential area of a city and I have never seen a Bald Eagle here. I have only seen a Bald Eagle at a zoo. Gavin and I saw one at the Reptile Gardens in South Dakota last July. The Bald Eagle generally lives fifty years in captivity and twenty-five years in the wild. It is one of the largest flying birds seen in the United States.

The Bald Eagle is seen on many things in the United States, such as our money, seals, and other patriotic symbols. It is the national symbol of the United States of America.   What is fascinating about Bald Eagles is that their wing-span can reach eight feet. This is taller by two feet than the average size male. The Bald Eagle reaches maturity at about five years of age. It chooses one mate for life. The Bald Eagle tends to breed during the winter in the south, and during the spring in the north. It builds large nests that are usually built near water.  Their eye sight is excellent. They can see four to eight times better and further than humans.

Across the United States, laws have been enacted that make it illegal to kill a Bald Eagle.

I will always wonder why he was in my neighborhood and where he flew off to. I thank him for allowing me the opportunity to view him up close and in action. With any luck, he will swoop by for Gavin to view his majestic wing-span on his next visit to Minnesota.

Good night. (Do you have a Bald Eagle experience to share? Feel free to leave a reply response to any of our stories)





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  1. Trudy

    The Bald Eagle is one awesome bird! I had the opportunity to see hundreds of them sitting in an open field in Ontario Canada in 2001. It was so breathtaking to say the least. I was traveling with my friend Sandi to visit friends in Nova Scotia Canada. Sandi loved bald eagles; that day she was a sleep and I tried to wake her as I drove past that field; but, she was too tired to open her eyes to see why I wanted her awake. I would have stopped; but, I was on Highway 1 or 2 (can’t remember the and could not stop. How awesome for the eagle to fly in your neighborhood. Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Trudy, I am so glad you shared your experience and Isaiah 40:31 with us. Thank you.
      Hundreds, wow! I really can’t imagine … trying but still, I can’t. Seeing one was mind blowing!
      Take care and thanks again for following along and sharing!

  2. Mike

    Great story Rose. If you ever make it to WA, we will go on an eagle siting expedition. There are several places to see them. Of course, fall is best, when leaves are off the trees. You can see them and all their beauty & glory sitting in the trees.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you, Mike for reading. That would be awesome!!! Fall the eagles ! Spring the tulips fields! Someday, it will happen to visit.

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