Total Adrenaline

He walked through the custom gates with his red-plaid suitcase and black backpack; wearing a navy, short sleeve shirt, blue jeans and sandals. He didn’t see me right away then our eyes locked. It was surreal.  Neither one of us could fully believe we were standing in front of each other. Looking at your best friend and being held in their arms for the first time in fifteen years is difficult to put into words. Some moments in time truly do take your breath away. I don’t recall that we even spoke. It was like having a bite of candy or ice cream for the very first time in your life; sweet and never to be forgotten.

We quickly left the airport and headed west bound on 494 talking unstop.

We had thirty-one perfect days together. From morning to night, the days were filled with laughter, fun adventures, author events, and radio – newspaper interviews. We traveled to the Badlands, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse in South Dakota.  We also took road trips to discover Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. I was overjoyed that his American dream was taking place. Viewing his joyful expressions warmed my heart.

The moments lifted my spirits so high. I was floating on those puffy white clouds, in the azure sky, that I first noticed on the way to the airport a year ago.  Every day was beyond special. When I was bedridden and struggling to stay alive a few years ago, I had always dreamed these days together would materialize and now they were. Being in the same room with no Skype screen between us was a treasure and so appreciated. We were experiencing daily life moments at the exact same time. Viewing sunsets and fireworks, hearing the frogs croak and the birds sing, working side by side, cooking together and more importantly enjoying each other’s company with endless laughter and gratitude.

The headlines in the West Central Tribune Newspaper:


Gavin and Rosie

West Center Tribune reporter, Ashley White, expressed the encounters of our journey in finally meeting with zest and with great reviews. This photo is of us standing in front of the lift bridge in Duluth, Minnesota with Superior, Wisconsin in the background.

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  1. Trudy

    It brings pure joy reading about your first time being together on the same soil, experiencing everything new for the first time at the same moment… the birds singing their songs, that old frog croaking, hearing the bombs burst in air and the beautiful lights shooting out from them. How awesome you two are.. totally awesome! I love your stories.. look for reading more. ;o) Love ya both!!!

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Glad you are enjoying and following along, Trudy. Thank you for your love that is sent right back to you and yours.
      How wonderful to have people following that have never met us in person but have met us through the words of our stories!

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