The Greatest Love Affair Of All (Part 6)

Continuation from The Greatest Love Affair part 5.

In 2006, my son was close to death again. This time the situation was totally different. He was in a car crash, one of the worst in Sweden. I wasn’t in the car with him; his mother was back in his life by this time. He had been with her and her new boyfriend, coming home from vacation. Somebody called from the hospital, told me he was hurt, but not how badly he was hurt. I made a dash for the hospital, found my son barely conscious. He mumbled something about hearing them scream before they burned up, before they died. I didn’t understand, asked to speak with a doctor, but they just allocated us a room. He was resting, so I decided to call a friend. There was a TV on in the room, a couple of minutes away from the ten o’clock news. I remember speaking with my friend when my son mumbled under his breath, “I was in that car.”  I quite simply dropped the phone; I couldn’t believe what had happened. My son came so close to death that day. He watched, unable to do anything, as the car he was in caught on fire. He watched as two children burned to death before his very eyes, in the other car. My son is a miracle in so many ways. It took a long time before he was physically well again. As for the psychological aspect, he has healed as much as one can from such a tragedy.

In 2008, I decided to send The Maze to some publishers. My son was back at school, was doing really well for himself. I think I sent to three different publishers, one in Sweden and two in America. RoseHeart Publishing wrote back. They wanted to publish. The Maze was released in June of 2009. The Blood Tree in April of 2010. William Gray & the Family Next Door was released as a story – musical CD in 2011. The Changling was released in November of 2011. Reflections Upon the Waters of Life, a book with Rosie, was released in February of this year. The Watchman is due for release this year. I am now a published author and motivational speaker. I still haven’t really gotten used to that. I also work with special needs children.

The road to where I am today has been a long and winding one, full of ups and downs. It’s been touch and go at many points in my life. I find myself looking back and wondering how I managed to come up trumps. I can tell you this much though. Without caring hearts, without the people who stood behind me, who told me I could better myself, who believed in me, I would not have made it. I couldn’t have better friends. They have helped and guided me through my ups and downs, have followed me into the darkness of myself, helped me back into the light. They have never given up on me, even when I myself came close. Their love for me has been unconditional and wherever I go, I carry them with me in my heart.

If there is a moral to my story and I can assure you, I have barely told you anything about me, it must be this. It doesn’t matter where we come from, our color, religion or country of birth. What matters is that we learn from our mistakes, understand that none of us are perfect, that we never will be. Most of all though, it’s that we are all individuals, we are all born of this planet.  As we grow and realize our dreams, no matter how large or how small, we all deserve the chance to shine.

Thank you for reading.


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  1. Trudy

    WOW… thank God your son is alive and well. I will keep him in my prayers. The roads you have traveled have been rough; but, you are walking on smoother terrain now. Keep your head held high… you are a survivor and one I have the honor to know. May God continue to use you through your stories… keep writing my dear friend. Hugs

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      It was a close call, Trudy. Glad you waited out all six parts to this story…patience is a virtue:) Stay tuned…much more to come. Have a great day:)

      1. Trudy

        Yes, you are right.. patience is a virtue. :o) Look forward to all you have to share with us. Enjoy your day! Oh, praying here too!

  2. Gavin and Rosie

    Remembering that day so clearly … I still shiver even after all of these years.
    Gavin, amazing six part story. God has special plans!

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      I am sure you do, Rosie…was horrible. Things sure have changed since then, for both Mick and myself:)

  3. Eva

    I only have one word to say to you – LOVE!
    Love keeps us going, love matters and love creates changes – if you want it to. You found yours and you’re sharing it with us. For us to cheirsh and pass forward. So that is what I do – I pass your words forward in hope they will find yet more hearts to capture…

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Then I thank you so much for that, Eva. I love that I have the opportunity to write to so many, really warms my heart:)

      1. Gavin and Rosie

        No doubt in my mind that by passing forward Gavin’s words … many more hearts will be touched. Thank you for leaving comments, Eva and Trudy.

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