The Greatest Love Affair Of All (Part 5)

Continuation from The Greatest Love Affair of All part 4

As luck would have it, I did know somebody who might be able to help. I called him without delay. His name was Martin Lignell. He was studying to become both an English and music teacher. We met up over a pot of my super strong coffee. I explained to him, I had written five song texts and he was only too happy to help me out. He went to work straight away and within a couple of weeks, he was rehearsing with the kids. It was quite fantastic really. Without money, I had set up a show that reached all the local newspapers as well as the local television channel. The parents were charged a small fee to see the show. I made most of what I had put out back. Not everything though. The important thing was that the kids had their show, I had made a new contact and I had beaten the county. It didn’t look good at all when it hit the newspapers that the county had backed out. Payback is a … hmmm, how does it go now.

Martin and I began work on another manuscript soon after. I wrote the song texts and the manuscript, he wrote the music. We had become quite a team. The second manuscript was entitled, William Gray & the Family Next Door. It had an anti-bullying theme, a subject, I hold close to my heart. The show has now been done in both Europe and America. (Click on the mice in the photo to go to to preview/download songs and text)Click to preview William Gray and The Family Next Door text and songs

By the year 2000,when the mother of my son and I broke up, I had written seven books. Due to reasons I cannot go into, my son was unable to live with his mother. He moved in with me. I was working, taking care of my son and writing two more books consecutively. It was hard work though, growing harder all the time. As each book was completed, it was placed on a shelf and just left. Publication wasn’t possible; I quite simply didn’t have the time to search. Back in 2004, I wrote in my son’s journal, that I had given up, that I wasn’t going to write anymore.  I was only going to concentrate on being the best father a child could have. There was nothing more important to me than my son and that is still the case. I stopped writing, stopped longing for the opportunity to publish my work … just stopped. I was working at a school in town, coming home to prepare food for my son and then having private English lessons in my kitchen during the evenings.

Obviously things didn’t end there though. Had that been the case, I wouldn’t be writing to you now. I believe God has a plan for all of us, is speaking with us and guiding us all the time. What we have to figure out is what he wants from us. God had two more tests for me before he was ready to allow me to reach my dreams.

During the summer of 2005, my son became ill. He was diagnosed as having Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome. Things didn’t look good; we thought he was going to die. It was without a doubt, one of the darkest moments of my life. I had fought so hard to escape my past, to move away and to start over, had struggled to make ends meet and all of a sudden, I was faced with the possibility that my precious son might die. I spent that summer in the hospital with him, watched his body swell, heard him gasp as water filled his lungs; prayed with all my heart, he might get better. God answered my prayer.

Part 6 of my story will be posted Friday.  Take care. Gavin

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  1. Trudy

    I could never imagine what you felt as you watched your son laying in that hospital bed. Praise God we serve the God of miracles and He hears our prayers. Will patiently wait for part 6 to come out on Friday. (still sitting at the edge of my chair). Sending hugs to both you and Rosie. 🙂

    1. Trudy

      I just listened to William Gray and the Family Next Door. I LOVE IT! How can we get copies of this? I would love to send it to my nieces and nephews… they would love hearing the story and sing along with the songs.

      1. Gavin and Rosie

        Trudy, it is so wonderful how diverse Gavin’s talents are. It truly amazes me how he writes both stories and songs and how Martin did the music. This anti-bullying story and music is beyond fantastic! I honestly listen to it everyday. I never grow tired of the story or songs.
        Our dream is to go state to state and perform William Gray and The Family Next Door! We have a special engagement in the works for this summer.
        You can purchase and download the CD from the link above from . Better yet, I will be contacting you tomorrow with further instructions. Your nieces and nephews will love it and you will also!

    2. Gavin and Rosie

      It was a tough time, Trudy! Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome is a child illness and hopefully it will never come back. Mick is a tough child. After all he went though, he still remained positive. I remember him telling me on both occasions that the best thing about hospital was eating ice-cream and watching movies all summer. Fantastic!

      1. Trudy

        sounds just like a kid.. give them ice cream and watch movies.. they are happy.. I pray it doesn’t come back either.. I had never heard of it. Waiting patiently.. 🙂

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