Something’s Coming …

Almost three hours later and it was a wrap!  We started off with a lot of technical feedback from across the ocean but it eventually all worked out in the end.  What were we doing and what is coming?  We were fortunate to be shooting a video for Area Voices. Gavin was in Kungsbacka, Sweden and Rosie was in Litchfield, Minnesota.  It will probably take a week before the video is edited and it streams. We are in hopes this video will bring us even closer to you our readers.

After the featured video, we may show the outtakes on our blog. It will be overflowing with laughter. We had a blast!

Thank you to West Central Tribune reporter, Ashley White. We had an amazing opportunity today shooting a video to promote Area Voices and ourselves … Sweet Conclusions Area Voices.  This summer we look forward to being in the “same room”  (with no screen between us) to shoot more videos and share with you!  Thanks for following us.  Bye for now.

Gavin and Rosie



15 thoughts on “Something’s Coming …

  1. So pleased that all went well after your trouble shooting,cant wait to see the Video.roll on next week.xx

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