The Greatest Love Affair Of All (Part 2)

Continuation of The Greatest Love Affair of All.

I have often spoken of me; myself and I. I was indeed living two lives and for a short while, I was even living three. I loved her so much, so badly wanted to prove to her, I could remain faithful to her. I began with love poems, although soon decided to try my hand at something else. I would gladly write about war-like situations, everyday life and comedy as well, anything and everything. I couldn’t read them to anybody because I didn’t really have anybody who would listen. I couldn’t show them to anybody because I knew they would laugh at my spelling mistakes. It was a tough situation. The poems were piling up and I wasn’t really sure what to do with them.

It wasn’t long before a book idea came to light. My spelling was getting better and the urge to try something new was getting stronger by the day. Writing a book would offer me a short reprieve from the world I lived in and hated so much, would allow me to be in charge, in preference to the other way around. I had no idea what the book would be about, only that it was going to happen. The problem was that I had no idea how to write a book, had never read a book and had nothing to compare to. Where there is a will, there is a way. So many times, I have heard that expression. I decided to put it to good use. A book needs a beginning, a middle and an end, needs a storyline and most of all; needs to be interesting. I had nothing to work with.

I had nobody to speak with either. I mean, seriously, who would actually believe somebody like me, would actually go as far as to write a book. A name popped into my head. That character was eventually named, Eric, although the original character had a totally different name when first created. I figured the best place to begin would be from when he wakes up. What time was it? Where was he? What was his room like? What was he like? How old was he? What was the first thing he did when waking up? There were just so many questions waiting to be answered. At no point did I have a plan. I knew his name and knew what I would do in his situation. I would look at the clock, no point wasting the day away, that’s my motto. That’s exactly what he did, he noted the time. What kind of clock was it? Was it a digital clock, did it have a story behind it? Was it a birthday present, a Christmas present, just an everyday, run of the mill clock, or something special to him? What would make that morning so different from any other morning?

As I have already stated, I didn’t have a plan. I let him get up and I threw obstacles in his path. The obvious one was silence. Chapter 1, The Awakening, page 1: “The whole house seemed strangely silent.”  Why? That’s exactly how I worked it. I gradually built up a character, placed obstacles in his way and then allowed him to solve them. The first chapter wasn’t very long, but it ended with a question, where was everybody? The second chapter began with a whole new character, as did the fourth. The third chapter was the odd man out. It wasn’t until chapter five that the story really began. By now I had built up the three main characters, as well as one who would bind them together (Chapter 3). By now, I had a good idea what the story was about, had a good understanding of each character, their likes and dislikes, their individual ways of dealing with the problems I threw at them.

Bye for now. Part 3 of The Greatest Love Affair of All on Friday. Gavin

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  1. Trudy

    errr.. I want all of it.. LOL cliffhangers are not my specialities… LOL I love this.. MORE MORE MORE. hugs

  2. Eva

    And what an obstacle it was that you threw in our way! How we deal with it? We’re loving it and want more… 🙂

  3. Gavin and Rosie

    On Friday, my third post will arrive and the story will continue. Happy you are enjoying reading here:)

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