Welcome spring weather with the start of Daylight Savings today, Sunday, March 11th.

Daylight saving time is the practice of advancing clocks forward by one hour in the spring to gain additional daylight during the early evening. I have noticed that with more sunlight and warmer weather people appear to be happier.  They seem to smile brighter when you meet them on the street.

Today, I am sharing one of Gavin’s poems that he first read to me in 1998. This poem has always made my smile and faith glow bright; no matter what time of the year it is.


By Gavin Hill

Who made the flowers?

And who made the trees?

The April showers?

And bumble bees?

Who made the sun?

And who made the rain?

Who gave us love?

And who gave us pain?

Who made the stars?

And who made the moon?

Who gave us December?

And who gave us June?

Who gave us autumn?

And who gave us spring?

Who made the sky?

And birds that sing?

Who made the woman?

And who made the man?

Who gave us the power, to understand?

Who gives us the strength, to carry on?

And who has the right to destroy all that’s been done?

May God bless all of your days, Rosie and Gavin


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