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Life is a learning experience, a long and winding path from birth to death. It’s what happens in between that really counts. That path looks different depending on who is looking along it at the time, but we are all basically the same, all flesh and blood, all perfectly capable of changing that path to suit our own needs. None of us are perfect, have all done or said things we deeply regret. Of all people, I can stand behind that statement. My life has been riddled with bad deeds and even if many of them were due to my social background, many others were not. A bad guy, to me, is a person who does bad things without regret, without a conscience, without pity and without a second thought for the victim. A good guy, to me, is a person who has made mistakes, learns from them and who sees that pain only begets pain.

This morning, I stood before an amazing group of people, people who sat and listened to my every word. I was the guest, motivational speaker in Mölndal,Sweden for a group from the company AstraZeneca. I didn’t sugarcoat anything, didn’t make myself out to be a habitual good guy. I told it like it was. I have done bad things in my life, but I am not a bad guy. I have done good things in my life too. Does that make me a good guy? No, it makes me a human being, one of seven billion human beings. I am what I am, who I am. I have been down on my luck, down and out. This morning though, I really believe my life story inspired so many. I don’t think any of them will go home thinking, Gavin Hill is a bad guy. I think they will go home thinking he is just another piece within that wonderfully woven tapestry called life; a man with an amazing story to tell. We all have amazing stories to tell.  I hope to see you in the audience at my events in America.

God bless … Gavin

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