The Homeless And Down Trodden

Have you ever walked down your local main street on your way home from work or school, leaving your door to swing shut behind you, the cold battling on outside, without regard? Have you ever thought about the homeless and downtrodden, the ones who can’t swing a door shut and leave the cold outside? It seems to me, it is all too easy to pass these people by without a second glance, all too easy to forget about the homeless and down trodden.

It is half past eight, a Saturday, during summertime. The sun rests; blood red against cotton candy clouds. The streets are alive with happy voices and the bars are full to the point of overflowing. The young are busy finding new loves and money is sweeping away to the tune of yet another beer. Where are the homeless and down trodden then? The stands along the main street are chattering with loose change and a pretty teenager passes by with a bucket of red roses. Several groups of youths are resting, sprawled out in the park with a six pack and a packet of cigarettes. The cinema projectors are spinning around, film stars gracing silver screens. Where are the homeless and down trodden then? A bus comes to a halt and people climb off. Neon lights flash and an invitation to a new pizza bar blows along a dusty, pavement before a passing foot comes down on it. A night club door swings open, a ding-dong beat wiring into a fast darkening sky. A guard stands at that door, checking identification and welcoming guests. But where are the homeless and down trodden then?

The sad truth is that life goes on regardless of the homeless and down trodden. The wheels of time turn and the fires of ignorance burn on. There are many questions to ask, many important questions that so desperately need answering. One of them would be, how did it happen? The homeless and down trodden haven’t always been homeless and down trodden, weren’t born to live as beggars and scavengers, the hyenas and vultures of this human savannah. Somewhere along the line, things just went terribly wrong. For some reason, the ugly head of despair rose up and devoured these individuals. That head doesn’t see color or creed, doesn’t see beauty or intelligence. It is indifferent. It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

But, remember just one thing when you walk down your local main street on your way home from work or school. Remember just one thing when you let your door swing shut behind you, the cold battling on outside, without regard. Remember that the old man on the stone, steps with his dirty clothes and broken stare, probably has children somewhere. Remember that the youngster huddled in the corner with a pile of old newspapers as a pillow, probably has a family somewhere, a mother, a father, a brother and a sister. Remember that we all came from somewhere and we are all going somewhere. Remember that life isn’t always as stable as we would like it to be, that around every corner, there waits an ugly head of despair. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and you never know… maybe, just maybe you are next in line. I hope and pray that day never arrives.

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  1. Trudy

    Many a time I’ve passed them by, wondering where their loved ones are and why they don’t help them out. Some times I would give them a buck or two; buy them a hot sandwich and cup of coffee on those bitter cold nights. My heart goes out to those that are sleeping in cardboard boxes, to get a touch of warm heat from their bodies inside. Its sad to see the homeless and downtrodden. I’ve even imagined what if I become one of them. Would I survive? Would some one kind give me a cup of coffee on a cold wintry night? What makes them homeless? How many of them have chosen this style of life? I’ve seen and heard some of those with riches say they would never stop and give them money, food, nor drink. The Bible tells us to help those less fortunate than we. God provides for the sparrow and I truly believe He has many people picked out to help those downtrodden and homeless; but, how many of those walked on by? Not even seeing the blessing they’ve just walked away from. Great writing, Gavin! Thanks for sharing this, there definitely is a lesson to be learned from this one.

  2. Gavin and Rosie

    How beautifully written, Trudy:) The truth is, I wrote from experience, have been homeless. It was many years ago, during my teens. I know how it feels to be homeless and downtrodden. Seeing them now, just breaks my heart. There is so much money in the world and I just cannot understand why it cannot be shared in a better way. I read your words more than once, you put them down so well. God bless you, Trudy:)

    1. Trudy

      Thank you for your kind words! I’ve got pictures of these folks on beat up bikes and four or five large trash bags carrying dirty old tin cans. Even some that have built a make shift wagon to pull behind the beat up bike. Their shoes have string or duck tape around them, clothes they have probably never taken off to get washed. Its just so sad to see so many without a penny to their name. :o(

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