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Gavin and I have found when life gives you lemons that making lemonade is very good advice.  You go forward even when obstacles cross your path. You find strength to persevere.  As you read in my posts, Silence Parts 1 and 2, real life intervened and Gavin didn’t arrive on America soil in 2010.  This was a major obstacle to holding author events and interviews that were scheduled.  Our plans to promote Gavin’s novels and for him to meet and speak to America somehow had to happen.  We were not going to cancel any author events, newspaper or radio interviews.  We went full steam ahead with a plan that would indeed deliver Gavin to his fans. Wheels were set in motion.

On the docket first was the radio interview.  I got to the station early. I soon discovered it wasn’t a taped broadcast but live.  A part of me wanted to run out the door and take the first flight to Sweden but running away isn’t my style. I had to conquer my fear immediately. I gathered strength from within and took many deep breaths. The announcer said, “Live in two minutes.”   Enthusiastically, I told the listening audience that I would be bringing America to Sweden; to meet author Gavin Hill in a unique format called Skype, which is a free video calling service where people communicate face-to-face via webcams.  The radio announcer was intrigued and in awe that this would be the first Skype event for our community. The live interview was a huge success.

That same afternoon the newspaper editor arrived at my home. I had a surprise for him. He had not heard the radio interview and thought he was meeting Gavin in person.  He did but in a different way.  I had Gavin waiting on Skype in Sweden. The interview was fantastic and lasted one and half hours. It was the first time for the editor to be part of a Skype experience and only the second time, Gavin and I had used Skype to communicate with each other.  Our first Skype encounter had been the previous day in our homes. It was like a fairy tale as we both were able to see each other’s face for the first time after waiting fifteen years. It was surreal.  Seeing the man of my dreams for the first time is something I will always hold deep in my heart. There was a screen between us but the eye contact was that of fireworks lighting up the sky on the 4th of July!

The day of the library Skype event arrived.  Gavin was set up in Sweden at a cinema.  I   had arranged connections at our local library.  I am not a technical person but all and all everything went off without a hitch. When the clock struck 7 p.m. central time and 2 a.m. Sweden time, Gavin appeared on the big screen in America and my heart was never so happy. Three media people were in attendance along with a room full of enthralled fans and friends. You never would have known it was the middle of the night for Gavin. He was alert and thrilled to see his American guests. Gavin is a gifted author-motivational speaker. He speaks about surviving his interesting life from childhood to adulthood, his novels, and anti-bullying issues.  The audience inter-action was tremendous. It was a night no one in attendance would soon forget.  Within days,Gavin and I were featured on two front page newspapers.  Headlines of two internet pen pals, two countries apart,hold out hope that after fifteen years of friendship they may actually one day meet face-to-face.

Many circumstances in life are difficult to understand.  Learn from them, go forward with courage,don’t give up and make them all “super calafragalisticexpealadocious” moments in time!

Until next time,   Rosie


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  1. Trudy

    Job well done! I just love reading your stories and how you all met, fell in love, and I know one day the two of you will not have to Skype… but, truly wake each morning and talk around the table while drinking the morning coffee. :o) Love ya g/f

  2. Christina Blomberg

    I remember that time…
    How happy I was for both of you to make this work with Skype.

    I love that both of you write here and I will alway drop in to read
    the well written words of your story.

  3. Gavin and Rosie

    Thank you Christina … how wonderful you have been sharing in our journey with your friendship in Sweden and now following our web site stories !

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