Just Shooting The Breeze

I’m sitting in a quaint, little coffee shop; watching hoards of people go by. The waft of freshly brewed coffee is lifting all about me, mixing easily with the various fragrances of teas from around the world, and a wide assortment of newly baked, sugary delights. It’s bitter cold outside, the snow that fell at least two months ago, now just one, solid sheet of frozen ice. People are going by, waddling like ducks, afraid to lift their feet as they walk, for fear of tumbling to the ice below and breaking a bone or two. It’s a winter jacket-jungle out there, a never ending rainbow of gaudy, wooly hats, of brightly colored scarves and mittens, of winters boots and thermal pants. I must admit, I’m happy to be sitting on the inside, looking out, in preference to the other way around. I guess if I was sitting in jail, I wouldn’t see the funny side of that statement.

I’m sitting here with my computer and the strongest cup of coffee I can buy. I’m sure it can’t be good for me. Okay, I admit it; I’m a coffee addict… piping hot coffee, no milk and no sugar, just the raw deal. I’ve always been simple that way. I have a relaxed outlook on life, am not into the latest fashion, latest music, latest trends; am into what I am into at the time. I guess I’m a little old school when it comes down to it. Give me a pint and some good ole Rock ‘n’ Roll any day. A chair is a chair and a table is a table. A jacket is a jacket and a pair of pants is a pair of pants. Okay, so I’m pretty black and white at times. I might not be tomorrow though. Tomorrow I might be deep and full of color. Tomorrow I might sit here and shoot the breeze about any number of things. In fact, I think I will. You do realize, tomorrow is two days away for you guys? Two days until you read, one day until I write and all of a sudden, I know exactly what I’m going to write about.

So until your day after tomorrow and my tomorrow; take care and whatever you’re going to do, have fun doing it.

Your friend