My Mother’s Love *♥*

In the silence of the early morning, of March 15, 2008, I awoke with sharp, penetrating chest pains. They were so severe I sat up in bed to try to breathe. I was sure I was having a heart attack. The pain eventually eased but I was in a fog of whiteness. I heard fluttering. It was almost as if I were flying. It felt peaceful. My head and body collapsed back on the pillow. I do not recall anything but complete brightness of pure white. There was no sense of time, only pureness. I heard a ringing in the distance. It kept ringing and ringing.  I finally realized it was the phone. I answered and I had a message to come quickly to my mother’s house, which was a few blocks from me. When I arrived, I found my mother dead in her bed. Her hands were still warm and I held them until they turned cold. I closed her eyelids and one opened back up. It was meant for me to see the journey she was taking. Within her right eye I saw crystal brightness, a tunnel of the highest, intense beam of light. Pure, heavenly beauty is what I viewed.  It was as if I could “see” through her eye. I could see the journey of that overwhelming peace that was bathing and caressing her and taking my mother’s soul back to her divine origin. I am sure you have realized by now that my sharp chest pain happened when my mother was experiencing her heart attack.  I know with all that I am that she was trying to take me with her on the journey to heaven.  A mother’s love so deep for her daughter that she wanted to take her along to heaven but it was not yet my time to leave.  When I got up from her bed, my knees were so weak it felt as if a rug had been taken out from underneath my feet. I realized that I was not hooked up to my enteral feeding machine. My stomach is paralyzed and this is my life line for nourishment. I do not recall detaching myself before I left home. I will always wonder “who” detached me. Did it happen when I was floating with angels earlier that morning?  What a wonderful thought to know that someday I will be free of all machines, to fly with the angels.

Have you ever had a dream so real that you are positive it happened? On February 18, 2009, my mother’s birthday, I felt someone take my hand and I floated with this person. Then a hand pointed to a woman’s back.  The woman turned and it was “my mother.”   She was radiant and looking at the most beautiful view. I could also see it; a majestic river, lush green grass, flowers of every color, and bright sunshine.  She had always needed prescription glasses and she was extremely excited to tell me that she no longer needed them to view all the beauty around her. She also told me what I was experiencing was real and was not one of my photographs.  I asked her where my father was and she quickly stated, “Over there.”  I felt again like I was floating and woke up in a daze. I think my mother is still trying to get me to heaven if only for short visits or glimpses of the wonderment!

As I post this for you to read, it is February 18, 2012.  I wish my mother a happy birthday and I hope she will give my father a kiss from me, on his birthday, the 28th.

Until next time, God bless each of you in His own special way  *♥*


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  1. brian

    Oh my gosh! Brian and I just read your story. Thank you for taking the time to write it and for the courage to share it with others. You are not only a gifted photographer but an inspiring writer and amazing person. We are grateful you have come into our life.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you so much Sharon and Brian, your comments have touched my heart deeply. I am so glad you enjoyed my story of love. Gavin and I hope you continue following us.

  2. Christina Blomberg

    Thank you Rosie…
    You write so well and wonderful.. In a strange way it both made me smile and also brought tears to my eyes. I was lucky enough to sit by my dads bedside when he went on that last trip. Keep writing Rosie you are great at it.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Christina, thank you so much for expressing how my writing made you smile but also gave you tears … that means I touched your heart and I succeed in blessing my journey with you. How wonderful you were by your dad’s side. I was also and it was the greatest honor in the world. Thank you for following us and commenting with praise.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you my dear son. It means the world to me that you read it and commented. I was allowed to stay here on Earth awhile longer to spend more precious moments with you and be your mother.

  3. Jill

    Rose, that is sooooo beautiful! Thanks for making my cry! What a comfort to you and what a special bond you share with your mom. She was a sweetheart…the apple didn’t fall to far from the tree. I had a dream about 5 years ago that my mom and I were sitting in the most lush garden and sitting on a bench and she was telling me that she is watching over me and how proud of me of the woman I had turned out to be. She talked about Wyatt and Emily and I could go on…..but I think it was a gift that I will hold in my heart until that day when we meet again. Blessings to you! Jill

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Jill, How wonderful to hear part of your story. I want to hear the rest! Even though we hold those moments forever in our hearts, I hope you have written it down for Wyatt and Emily. Thank you for touching my heart with your message. I miss you, Jill. Let’s make it happen this year to get together. I will never ever forgot the compassionate nursing care you gave me. I hope you continue to follow our site. It will be on going. So much to share with you “when” we get together! Be blessed, Rosie

  4. Trudy

    Rose my dear, what a beautiful and very visual story. I love it! Through the eye of your mother.. she has given not only you the hope, but all who read this hope for the day we too leave this journey and entire into the beauty of our Father’s kingdom. The colors will be more radiant than our eyes see them now. I can’t wait to go home!

  5. Gavin and Rosie

    Oh Trudy, isn’t that the truth! Thank you for taking the time to leave your beautiful message with us. Hope and love, Rosie

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