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St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year all over the world on February 14th. The oldest Valentine in existence was made in the 1400’s and is in the British Museum. Approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually. The rose is noted for being the flower of love right from the Victorian times.  Although roses are the most popular Valentine flowers, in Denmark, people send pressed white flowers called snowdrops.

Gavin asked me to pick one of his poems to share with you today. It was an easy decision. I picked one that he sent to me in 1999 because it touches my soul.  ღஜღ


Sometimes I feel so lonely,

Sometimes I feel so sad,

Sometimes my mind drifts back,

To the good times we’ve had.

Sometimes my world is so empty,

Sometimes I just sit and cry,

Sometimes my heart, it burns,

When I’m not with you,

Sometimes I just want to die.

Sometimes when I’m alone,

I think I can see you there,

Sometimes when I’m asleep,

I can feel my fingers,

Softly run through your hair.

Sometimes I think it’s over,

Sometimes I think I’m through

Sometimes I feel so lonely,

I just want to be with you.

Poem by Gavin Hill

Reflections Upon the Waters of Life Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵Ʒ

Combines the passion of our poetry and photography

Until next time,

Sweet Conclusions

Gavin and RosieƸ̵̡Ӝ̵Ʒ

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    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you, Deb. Happy Valentines to you and Tom. Let’s get together when Gavin arrives,have some ChocoVine and have the guys finally meet.

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