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One With The World Around Me

We all search for inspiration in different ways. My way is the great outdoors. Today I spent a couple hours wandering through Kungsbacka forest, filling my batteries and allowing myself to become one with the world around me. The photo of the stairway is called Sjöbäcks Viewpoint. Before 1863 the area there was just suburbs.…
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A Lesson In The Jungle

Can it really be April already? Surely it was Christmas only yesterday. Does anybody know how to slow time down? It isn’t that I am not looking forward to coming to America in just two months, but that life seems to pass too quickly sometimes. 2016 has started well for me. Sadly, it hasn’t been…
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Sparkling Anew!

Pussy willow buds or “catkins” opening right before my spring-starved eyes is an amazing nature moment being bestowed upon me this foggy March morning in central Minnesota. Look at the intricate details of the water droplets encompassing the thirsty buds. I have been fortunate for the past twelve years to only have to peer out…
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Rejoicing In Sweet Melody!

Waking up to the sweet melody of any bird is invigorating. It clearly states it is a new day and nature is rejoicing. This morning the robin’s chorus with a distinct rich mixture of what- cheer, cheer, cheer  by cardinals in the background grace my soul. Whenever I hear a robin’s song I am transported…
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Freedom To Soar High!

 If given a choice, I would spend hours amid the solitary grandeur of nature. I recently had the unique opportunity to gaze at a Bald Eagle’s massive nest.  A few days later I am still in awe at this rare occurrence. I not only viewed the magnificence of the size of the nest, but also…
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