It seems like yesterday when a beautiful, three year old girl would arrive at my home and bound up stairs with a vigorous leap. She would crawl to the top of the kitchen counter to take off the cookie jar lid and reach inside for a treasure.  Popping a succulent cookie into her mouth made…
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It’s A National Day For Root Beer!

Summertime visits to A & W drive in restaurants still bring back fond memories. The frosty glasses filled with ice cream and delicious root beer brought out on a tray to your partially rolled down car window … car hop service … who recalls those vintage days? One of the first places I took Gavin,…
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The Times, They Are A Changing

Something is terribly wrong in the world today and if this is progression, I wonder if we were not better off in the Stone Age. Not a day passes without frightening headlines, depictions of mayhem and carnage. Boy, the times are a changing. Only yesterday the headlines were about Nice, France. Yet another dark day…
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The Prince Of Purple

Who can forget such hits as ‘Little Red Corvette (1983), ‘Purple Rain (1984), ‘Kiss’ (1986), or ‘Sign ‘0’ the Time (1987). I grew up listening to Prince and can still remember dancing to ‘When Doves Cry’ back in 1984. The man born ‘Prince Rogers Nelson’ was an icon for so many. Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumental prodigy,…
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Nurture And Educate

This weekend is full of fun family friendly activities! One includes author Gavin Hill at the Barnes & Noble store in Saint Cloud with his book titles for all ages! A Lesson in the Jungle will be featured at the 11 a.m. storytime followed by a Jungle Scavenger hunt! Following storytime Gavin will be in…
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